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The unique skills of our team provide our organization with the ability to design custom strategic solutions for our clients in all areas of security, safety, contingency planning, and preparation, coupled with real time intelligence. Our teams can provide services within the following specialties:

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Unarmed Non-Commissioned Security Officer (NCSO)

  • Low risk
  • Acts as liaison for law enforcement, emergency medical responders, fire marshals
  • Aide in carrying out fire safety precautions, patrol for safety hazards, conduct security sweeps
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Commissioned Security Officers (CSO)

  • Moderate to high risk
  • Trained to respond with lifesaving appropriate, lawful emergency action when seconds count
  • Trained and equipped to expedite removal of trespassers and disruptive persons
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Personal Protection Officers (PPO)

  • Executive protection, protection of family members, staff, celebrities, dignitaries or VIPs
  • Can work openly or undercover, mobile or stationary
  • Trained to prevent threats such as kidnapping or terrorism
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Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

  • Consists of team members capable of rapid deployment to selected areas of coverage
  • Personnel can range from NCSO’s, CSO’s or PPO’s
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Counter Threat Teams (CTT)

  • Composed of two or more CSO’s
  • Trained to respond to high threat situations such as (but not limited to) active shooters, bomb threats, hostile crowds and workplace violence
  • Certified in CPR, first aid, extreme trauma care and mass casualty situations
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Maritime Security Specialist (MSS)

  • Moderate to high risk
  • Highly trained, experienced and properly certified in maritime and anti-piracy
  • Operates in areas on the water or at offshore facilities
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Specialized Staffing

  • Provide dual abilities under one contract
  • Can be open or undercover
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Private Investigations

  • Traditional investigatory law services
  • Personal, corporate or criminal
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Special Projects Unit (SPU)

  • Merges the capabilities of all specialties to develop a unit that can conduct dynamic operations with tactical flexibility
  • Specializes in high-risk security operations, VIP protection, counterintelligence, corporate counter espionage and surveillance
  • Can be deployed worldwide to aid in tactical assistance, consulting, advisory, foreign internal security or liaison roles
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